I have had more than one question about my statement at the end of the CNY 2011 post about "not blogging on Tuesdays".

Here is the explanation:
I always have at least 10-15 posts floating around in my head. Some fully formed...some not so much.

But the same full and blessed life that provides me with the fodder for those posts, also means that I do not have enough time to actually write and publish all the posts that are floating around.


What I've found works for me: I do not work on the blog at all on Tuesday or Thursdays. I might not work on it on other days as well...but never on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (Some posts might hit on those days...but those are posts that I've "scheduled" to hit on those days, not worked on that day). On other days when I can work on the blog...I never work on it while the children are awake (which means I have nap/rest time and/or after their bedtime at night).

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