Update on Lily Kay

She slept in until 9:30 a.m....and then napped for over 4 hours this afternoon....but we have a happy and fever-free little girl now!

I had to triple her adrenal medicine today. After confirming with her Endocrinologist's office, I tripled her 1 tablet, 3 times a day to 3 tablets, 3 times a day. (Lily Kay's body does not produce it's own coritsol, which is imperative for dealing with stress, physical or mental.)

I gave her some Sovereign Silver drops and Echinacea drops...but nothing to bring her fever down. This has been quite a mind-set shift for me over the past few years as we have endeavored to eat and live more naturally. At the first hint of fever I used to think "Get it down, get it down!"

Took me a while (too long) to realize that the fever is not the problem. Just a symptom. Something is going on in their body, and the fever is God's way of fixing it. The fever raises the body's temperature to kill the invader. When I was giving tylenol or ibuprofen to bring the fever down, I was short-circuiting God's defense mechanism!

So, now I watch...and wait. If they're crying or extremely uncomfortable, I would do something to bring it down (tepid bath and/or ibuprofen), but otherwise I just watch them and stay out of their body's way while it does what it is supposed to do.

It worked.

It doesn't always work like this (says Mrs. Just-Finishing-Up-10-Days-of-Amoxicillin)...but this time it worked perfectly. I've also had this happen with Noah and Daniel in the past. Elisabeth has, thankfully, not encountered a fever in the past few years since I've had this perspective-shift - my drama queen would undoubtedly cry and I would almost certainly feel the need to intervene more with her.

I'm very thankful that our precious Lily Kay is doing good now.

Sleeping in our bed during naptime today. When she finally woke up after over 4 hours, she said "I sweep good onto le your bed!"


  1. Such a cute picture of Lily Kay sleeping away. Hope you all are feeling better soon!

    Happy New Year friends.

    the Bourkes

  2. I so agree that we need to be watchful and mindful of putting in so many meds. It takes diligence to stay on top of it all...I end up feeling like a "nazi" mom who has to keep every single person's symptoms at the front of my mind every moment :( It definately wears the day-to-day caretaker out, especially when it is 24x7. It's a delicate balance, at least in our home, with strep (in Morgan) and pnuemonia (in Robyn) and UTI's (with Raegan) of trying every "natural" thing I can try yet knowing the point at which we need get to the dr. for antibiotics. I suspect by the time my kids are raised, I will have just as much experience as a pediatrition and a neopath!! :) And you might also!!!



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