The People Have Spoken

Even though there is technically 21 hours left on the poll (or so my blog tells me)...I'm going to go ahead and call this thing:

Family Pic #2 wins by a landslide...74% !!!

So, I just went and ordered prints of this picture to go in our Christmas cards.

To those of you who tried to go around the system and "write-in" your votes for the crazy picture...so sorry, it didn't work. I loved this message that Alison sent me on FB, though: "Call it "Crazy Love" or "Radical", either way it's the life you are choosing so you might as well go all out and get the Christmas photo in on the deal. :)...Go crazy!" Love you too, Alison!

I would love to do one of those cute collage cards (from snapfish or shutterfly, etc.) and have the crazy pic in there - in addition to a good photo - but alas, we are a one-income family. And those collage cards? Not in the budget right now!

Now, to start addressing those Christmas cards...

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