Enough already

If I cry "uncle"...will all this sickness leave our house???

The latest victim - or re-victim - is Lily Kay. (She is the one who started us all off ...4 weeks ago!)

As we were getting ready to put them all down last night, we realized she was hot. She had a fever over 102 last night. She "slept" with us last night (and I use the term "slept" for her and I very loosely. Jas, on the other hand, not one foot away, slept through it all...what is up with that??? He calls it his "gift")

She is still asleep right now, it will be interesting to see what today holds....


  1. Oh, no! Levi woke us up sounding croup-y, and so he "slept" with us until he sounded better. No fever, though.

  2. Sorry to hear the sickness is still going around. We are ALL sick with fevers right now. That means that momma is working doubletime with barely any sleep and being sick myself. Yeah, it's fun. Andy is so bad that he called in to work today - that's rare for him. Ella's fever was 102.6 last night. It's been going on for days that we've all been sick. I am worn out!!!
    Hope it ends for you guys soon.

  3. Same issue here..except he will snore. Which means I have awake or alseep and flopping around kids AND have to listen to snoring. Which is why I usually land squished in their twin bed trying not to fall off all night while he gets the king bed all to himself.



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