"Celebrating Adoption"

I mentioned here that our family recently had our pictures taken by a photographer...for free.

So how did we get great family pictures taken by a great photographer...for free???

We've adopted in the past year.


Isn't that so cool?

Our sweet photographer, Kelly Williams (of The Bond Between Us) particpates in a program with other photographers all across the country who want to support and bless adoptive families. The program is called Celebrating Adoption.

And bless us she has!

But now comes the hard part.

Which family picture to use for our Christmas cards this year???

Family Picture #1

Family Picture #2

Family Picture #3

Family Picture #4

Will you please help us decide?

I've set up a poll (my first ever!) on the upper right of the blog. Make your voice heard! (Consider this your contribution to the "How to Help a Hopelessly Indecisive Mama Who is Just Plain Tired of Making Decisions" Cause)

This one is not eligible for the voting process...but I thought it was good for a laugh!


  1. Just a suggestion, why not add the last one to your Christmas card in addition to the winner. It's just too precious not to share!! :)

  2. Hey, I agree with Sabrina!!! Of course, I taught her much of what she knows. I was her second grade teacher.

    But, I love, love, love the new header. And, hey, next year we might can have our family photos made by her.

  3. I like number 2. But it would be a cute card if you use one that lets you put more than one photo on it.



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