How We Celebrated Daniel's 6th Birthday

Things have been rather unusual around here for the past week and a half, and I just realized that I had never posted these pics of how we celebrated Daniel's 6th birthday 9 days ago.

Well, we started out by doing the cake and singing thing to him as soon as all the children got up at 7 a.m. (We wanted to do it while daddy was still here with us...before he headed in to the bank.)

The children always get to pick out the cake and icing they want. Daniel's pick this year: Chocolate cake, white icing.

And yes, they had some cake before they even had breakfast.

After breakfast, the birthday boy got a Free Pass on chores on his special day.
SO, while Lily Kay did our kefir...

...and Noah blew all the leaves off the driveway...

...and Elisabeth collected the garbage from all the trash cans in the house (this is normally Daniel's job)...

Daniel got to hang out and play http://www.starfall.com/
(Get it? He's holding up 6 fingers because this was his 6th birthday...my kids are smart like that.)

Throughout the day, we had some special friends stop by with cards and presents.

Davis and Cole

Eli, Seth and Riley

Then we headed to Laoli and Papa's house...
where Daniel got two new cars that he loves! (He also got some money for his 529, but he doesn't know about that...shhhh!)

And he also got some sugar from Papa...

...and Laolao!

THEN the children and I and Laoli headed to Wa*lmart (daddy met us there) for the birthday boy to pick out a new bike. Since Daniel started riding without training wheels a couple months ago...his first little yellow bike is just too little for him now.

THEN we all headed to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and Daniel got his favorite thing on their menu: Chicken Noodle Soup!

After naps, Daniel couldn't get enough of riding on his new very green bike.

I think he likes it.

Just guessing.

But we finally tore him off his bike long enough to come in and eat the birthday supper that he'd requested:

Ramen Noodles (aye-yie-yie)
Not one, but TWO different kinds of chips

Oh, the healthiness is just overwhelming.

To make me feel better I made him wash it all down with our standard smoothie: homemade kefir, bananas, frozen fruit, flax seed, soaked almonds, cinnamon, and farm-fresh eggs (but I would never recommend that people use raw eggs. Nope, not me...that would kill you! wink)

I do believe that our precious Daniel felt very special on his very special day!


  1. I like how you broke all the rules for your special boy's big day!

  2. Happy Birthday, Daniel! Sounds like you had a fun-filled, special day! Awesome new bike :)



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