Finally finished!

Could you hear the big 'ol sigh that Lily Kay and I both heaved last week?

She was FINALLY done with having her 14 cavities filled! Yes, we started out thinking there were 13...Dr. Page found another while she was working. Oh joy.

Lily Kay started out this process months ago of getting fillings by being a really good trooper.

By number #13 and #14...not so much.

She was just done. Absolutely done with having this done to her.

Totally understand.

A nice surprise for LK and I was how Dr. Page fixed #13 and #14. In the previous two pictures you can see that LK's top left front tooth was chipped. What you cannot see in the pictures is that the back of it was filled with a BIG black cavity. And then 1/4 of the tooth chipped off.

Here is LK with her best buddy, showing off her new look that night.

Can't see good?

Here is a close-up...

LK was already a cutie...but thank you, Dr. Page!

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