A different kind of salad

Here is another new recipe I tried and brought to the beach with us.

It's called Quinoa Salad with Apples and Almonds, and it is yummy, yummy!

It's nice to have a big batch of (healthy) stuff ready in the fridge to just grab quick as part of lunch. This fits the bill!

I found this recipe in Family Fun magazine. (I don't subscribe, but my friend Kris passes her issue along to me every month when she's done...thank you Kris!).

Here is a link to this recipe. I left out the celery because we were out of it, and changed the apple to Golden Delicious simply because that is what we had on hand. Kris made her batch even healthier by sprouting the whole grain, instead of cooking it. I didn't have enough lead time this time...but I will try that next time.

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