Zibing is such a smart, observant little girl that I had truly started to despair that she would ever chew with her mouth closed!

In the big scheme of things, I know - not the most important thing in the world. BUT, the smacking has really been about to drive. Jas. and I. crazy!

So at every meal since we first met her 4 1/2 weeks ago, we've demonstrated to her, very nicely and patiently, how to chew with lips closed.

And then a few days ago, TA DA....success!

She is so proud of herself! She says "Mama!" and points to her lips many times during every meal. So cute!


  1. Good girl! I hate smacking as well!

  2. Way to go....wish we could rid ours of smacking and slurping permanently (it comes and goes). We're glad food has stopped flying from her mouth though- that was way gross!

  3. You are TOO funny, Jennifer!

    I definitely don't think we could handle food flying OUT of the mouth either!



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