Every Friday Night...

this is where you can find our family.

Having a "picnic" on the family room floor, while watching a movie.

We instituted the Friday night Pizza tradition when Elisabeth was newly home. Back then we ordered from Dominoes or made it ourselves using packaged pizza crust that you just mix with water.

Times have changed at our house.

Over the past five years, we've added one little brother...and then another...and now a little sister...and we now (for health and monetary reasons) eat homemade pizza made from whole wheat that we've just milled (tonight we tried hard white wheat).

Lily Kay Zibing has just slipped right into this tradition with us. She can hardly wait for me to actually bake the pizzas before pinching off some of the crust to nibble on.

Until Lily Kay came home, we made two pizzas...ate some Friday night, and then had enough leftovers that we ate that for lunch after church on Sunday.

No more.

Lily Kay is an eating machine these days. I ate two pieces of pizza last night...she ate five!

I need to start making three or four pizzas if we want any leftovers!

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