Another First

Our homeschool group met at the library today. It was Lily Kay Zibing's first (of many) visits to the library. Our family loves the library. When I was a child the library seemed to me a magical, wonderful place...and I so want to instill that in my children. So far it's working...they love going to the library.

This may seem silly, but the above picture just touches this mama's heart...and reminds me of God's promises and guidance.

It's the matching shirts we have on. You see, our homeschool group purchased them almost a year ago. Yes, that was before we knew about Lily Kay Zibing. Before we ever saw her precious face...in fact, back then we weren't even sure whether we would be adopting a boy or girl. But we knew we were adopting, that the Lord had a child for us...and for the cherry on top, He let me know what size shirt to order for our child that we knew would be joining our family in the not-too-distant future.

And this morning, Noah suggested we all wear our "Read" t-shirts)...and I thought that was a fabulous idea.

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