Check it out!

I snapped this picture of Lily Kay late this morning.

See anything special?

No, not the messy desk....

No, not the sweet, smart girl "playing" (learning, shhh!) on http://www.starfall.com/....

Look a little closer...

Lily Kay got her new medical ID bracelet!

And boy does she love it! "Piao liang" she declares proudly! ("pretty!")

We only take it off for baths...so I'm glad she likes it!

And, yesterday was two weeks since she began her daily medicine...and we can really tell a difference in her energy level.

What we thought of as a very laid-back, mature-acting little girl, was actually, apparently a little girl whose adrenal gland was not functioning properly on its own...and the medicine has UPPED her energy level (which is consistent with the research we've done.) DUH!

Now, granted...some of this could be her just feeling more comfortable, letting her true personality show through more. But seeing the big difference, we really feel like alot of it has to be medicine.

While Lily Kay was happy and nice-acting before...she is now gleeful and playful and hopping and skipping around all the time. And running around (outside and in!) and tearing up and down the driveway, on foot, on big wheels, on her bike, whatever!

This new, energetic, silly-acting little thing fits right in with her energetic, silly-acting older siblings!

Oh, and I couldn't resist taking this picture - this is what Little Miss Thang has worn on her feet for the past few days!:

Yes, beautiful socks AND beautiful leather flower-dy sandals!

Elisabeth was very frustrated this morning when they came out of their room: "Zibing won't put on her crocs!"

I'm alot more laidback about what my children wear than I would be if they actually left the house and were seen by lots of people at public school everyday!

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  1. Beautiful bracelet. I saw it right away, but didn't think it was a medical one...I thought it was something she made or something. Glad you are seeing the true Lily and again, she fits so well with your family.



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