Big girl at church

Does she look pleased with herself, or what???

She should be! I took this right after we got home from church on Sunday. (Yes, I let her wear that necklace to church...I'm a very different mama now than I was as a mama of 1, or even 2)

Lily Kay Zibing did great at church today...and had a great time!

Elisabeth and I ended up accompanying Lily Kay Zibing to Sunday School (Mrs. Charlotte suggested that Elisabeth come, thinking that would help LKZ). But Lily Kay didn't want me to leave, so I didn't. But they were right smack in the middle of snack time when it was time for me to leave for "Big Church", so my little eating machine didn't mind me leaving at that point.

And when we picked her (and Elisabeth) up after church, she was smiling and acting SO big! The reports from Elisabeth (and the teachers) were that Lily Kay had done great and had a great time...something that was very easy to see by the look on her face and her demeanor.

We're so thankful for every opportunity like this where Lily Kay experiences something that challenges her...and she conquers it and ends up gaining confidence!



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