Adoptive Families Get-together

This past weekend we had a get-together with our local Adoptive Families Group.

When we first started getting together 5 years ago we had nothing but cute baby girls from China, but we knew better than to call ourselves the China Girls Group - or start a local chapter of "Families with Children from China" (FCC). We knew even back then that one day we would have children from other countries - and boys!

Check out all our precious children:

13 of these 16 children are adopted. We've got Russia, the Phillipines and China represented here. And we can't wait until our new little friends from Ethiopia come home - hopefully by the end of this year!

All of these children live within about 40 minutes of each other - and most of us live within 15 minutes of one another.

Not very impressive, you say - well, you should see the small towns that we live in. Our small town (only a few thousand residents) is the home of 9 of these precious children!

It is nothing short of a miracle what the Lord is doing in our area in terms of adoption.

After her requisite adjustment period to a new situation, Lily Kay had lots of fun exploring the park that we met at!

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