14th Anniversary...the rest of the story

I am going to shamelessly brag on our kiddos here, so just consider yourself warned:

After getting up from nap/rest time on Tuesday, Noah came up to me with a big 'ol wad of money in his precious fist. He pressed it into my hands and said, "Fourteen dollars for 14 years!"

I tried to protest, but he said he really wanted to give it to us..."I can earn more!"

Then Elisabeth - not to be outdone by a younger brother - ran to her room and came back with a $5 bill and nine $1 bills.

So sweet...

And then I'm standing there with $28 (see, I'm good with math!) in my hands...and wondering what we're going to do with this unexpected windfall.

We can't use this money on just Jas and I. We really needed to do something for all of us.


I put the salmon I was about to prepare for supper back in the fridge...and we met Jas at Applebee$ for supper!

Our first three children LOVE Applebee$. Let me correct that: they love Applesbee$' mac and cheese ("ORANGE mac and cheese").

And we hardly ever go out to eat, so we haven't been there as a family in forever. And we haven't been out to eat as a family of 6 to a sit-down place since we've been home with Lily Kay.

And this is why:
Even though our children ate kids' meals, the total with tax and tip should have been about $55!!! Now we did it up right: got an appetizer (but is was 1/2 off for happy hour), got three desserts (at $1 each!), and Jas and I got what we really wanted (for $10 each) instead of something-that-cost-a-little-less-but-wasn't-our-1st-choice.

BUT, when the waitress brought the check, all our kids' meals were FREE! On Tuesdays kids eat free! YAY! Noah said, "It sure is a good thing that your anniversary was on a Tuesday!"

AMEN to that!

So, instead of $55, the total was $38...and Jas and I were only out-of-pocket $10 (more amazing math skills at work).

But see, the kids don't really know that the meal cost more than their $28 (SHH!)...so they're going around telling everyone that they took our family out to eat. Which they basically did - so why burst their bubble. So, the next time you see our kids, keep that part on the down-low...

They're so proud of themselves...and I'm thankful for their generous and precious hearts!

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  1. What wonderful kids and things like this make you know that you are parenting well. What awesome children you have and congrats



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