Elisabeth - Day 7

Our family has now attended our first church service together! Our whole travel group got to attend Shamian Christ Church this morning for their 11:00 a.m. English/Chinese service. We started the worship service by singing 5 songs – 2 were in English and 3 were in Chinese (all the words were on powerpoint slides). The Chinese songs had Chinese characters on the slides, but they also had the words in Pinyin (I still don't know what we were singing, but the Pinyin at least made the pronunciation easier, so that we could sing along). And even though we weren't sure what we were singing, it did not matter – it was just awesome to lift up our voices with all the Chinese people and praise our Lord! To look up and see a sea of shiny, straight black hair (interrupted only by the brown and blond hair from our travel group) and know that we were getting to worship our Savior with the people of Elisabeth's
birth country was very moving. The pastor's sermon was from the 17th chapter of Isaiah. The message was very good and we grown-ups were very interested – but Elisabeth fell asleep as soon as the singing was done (I'm sure she'll never do that to Brother Bill!).

Church service from Elisabeth's point-of-view (as told to Mom): "There sure are a whole lot of people in here - all the better, more fans to applaud my many tricks! It sure is a lot of fun to stand on Mom's lap and see what's going on all over the church, especially in the pews behind us. Oh look, that nice Chinese girl behind us is holding out food to me! If I get real still and hide my head on Mom's chest, under her chin, she won't be able to see that I have food. Oh drats - Mom can't see what's going on, but Dad can and he just gave me up to Mom! Oh good, now we get to stand up and sing! That food was really good, maybe if I look over Mom's shoulder pleadingly that nice lady will give me more of that yummy pound cake. Worked like a charm! It sure does help to have a face as cute as mine! Now that we're sitting down again, why does everyone have their eyes closed and their heads tilted downward??? Don't they know they can't see my tricks if they close their eyes??? Maybe if I lean forward and get my face really close to Mom's I can see just what's going on here. Oh good, now everyone's eyes are open so they can watch me again! Hhhhmmmm, now that my tummy is full (after 2 bottles, and all that yummy food at the White Swan breakfast buffet, AND that yummy pound cake) I'm starting to feel sleepy. But who will entertain my adoring fans if I nod off for a while on Mom's chest? O.k., it looks like that guy talking up there in the front will take care of things for a while. I hope he does as good a job as me…"

Our family is very much looking forward to worshipping with their church family at First Baptist next Sunday. And the good Lord willing, Elisabeth will be dedicated during the morning service!

"Why sleep when I can play?"

Playing with dad

"He He! Dad is eating my stinky toes!"

Crazy post-bath 'do

Our family heading to our first worship service together

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