Elisabeth - Day 6

Elisabeth is 14 months old today!

The first order of business (after the White Swan's huge and delicious breakfast buffet) this morning was the girls' medical exams. Elisabeth disliked the whole experience as much as we thought she would – but then, so did the other 10 girls. We found out that our daughter weighs 17 ½ pounds. The doctor also said that Elisabeth is "strong." (She made this comment after having to wrestle with Elisabeth to look in her ears!)

Elisabeth and Dad took a good, long 3 hour nap after lunch, while Joli, Linda, and Beth went exploring and shopping. Mom was sort of afraid to leave because for the last 3 days Elisabeth ONLY wanted
her. (For the first few days, either Mom or Dad would do, but starting Thursday morning, that changed.) Talk about worrying needlessly! When the women got home from shopping, Elisabeth and
Dad not only were having a great time playing, but Dad had taken the best, happiest picture of Elisabeth ever! AND, Dad had changed a diaper (a POOPY one) and remembered to feed her her bottle at the right time! He was so proud of himself!

After our group dinner (at a Vietnamese place, go figure) Mom and Elisabeth took another bath - which Elisabeth seemed to enjoy. We started by letting her feel the water coming out of the spout as it
filled up the tub. Then we went and played with her stacking cups (a favorite). And then we threw the cups into the filled tub, one by one. So then of course, she wanted to get in there with them. She still sat on Mom's leg the whole time but she just had a great time playing. The whole thing went great, and just as Mom had planned - except the part where Elisabeth peed on Mom's leg! (If someone had told Mom that she would ever be peed on and not mind it a bit, she would have thought they were crazy!) After the bath Dad dried her off, lotioned her up, and got her dressed. She giggled so adorably when Dad kissed the bottom of her feet and zerberted her belly!

Elisabeth might weigh 17 ½ pounds right now, but we predict that won't last for much longer! She is eating great! She is eating all four of her daily bottles great and eating lots of table food also. Some foods she has eaten today: watermelon, cantaloupe, kiwi, banana, spring roll, rice, beef, chicken, green bean, and broccoli! We are making the transition to American formula very well; right
now we are at ¾ Enfamil and ¼ Hero (her Chinese formula), with a scoop of rice cereal.

Elisabeth has been quite the little performer today. She has been entertaining everyone all day – grandmas, other adoptive parents, even shopkeepers. She will wave, blow kisses, shake her head back and forth really fast…and then clap for herself! And while she still won't let the grandmas hold her, she loves to play with them and she even gave Granny Linda two kisses tonight (actually leaned
forward to kiss her)!

When we laid Elisabeth down to sleep tonight, she happily babbled and played with her feet (with her blanket in her mouth) for about an HOUR before finally falling asleep! We're not sure what that was
all about, but we'll see how she sleeps tonight!

Jason: We have made a discovery today; Mom is wound around Elisabeth's little finger! While Mom and grandma's were out shopping Elisabeth woke up from her nap and Dad changed her diaper
with little fanfare. Diaper changes are usually a dramatic event when Mom is around. However, when Elisabeth saw Mom walk in the door, open the floodgates, she started crying and reaching for her
and was inconsolable until Joli picked her up.

Elisabeth and her friend Olivia

Being pried off mom to be weighed

YAY - we're done with the medical exam!

Elisabeth loves to read like her mom and dad

Big, beautiful smile!

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