And....He's Off and Running!

Jas opened the doors of his own office 4 weeks ago.

I couldn't be more proud of him.

Leaving the house for his first day!

He let me take lots of pics...but finally drew the line: "I would like to be there before my employees!"

This is such a good fit for him.  Everything he has done educationally and professionally has equipped him to open this office and run his own business.  He really seems in his element.  

This post contains all the "before" pictures of his office.  

I say "before" because we have plans.  BIG plans.  Well, not really BIG, but they seem big to us.  We are going to paint all the walls.  We don't care for the colors that are there right now, and they actually aren't even "compliant" with the home office color scheme.  The tan color looks better on the screen than it does in real life...Nai Nai described it as "Baby Poopoo Squash."  And we want to do some redecorating: changing out some tables and seating and decorating the shelves in the open reception area and in the conference room. 

This is the view as you walk in the front door.

We have just (as of about an hour ago) sold this sofa.  It is nice and comfy enough, and not professional enough for an office.

I've already bought 2 parson chairs (that I LOVE!) and a table to go between them.  (I purchased all these things on a FB group of local moms.)  As soon as we deliver the sofa Monday, we will have room to move the chairs/table in to Jason's office.  I already have him a beautiful orchid to go on the table also.  It is REAL...because Jas totally has a green thumb (unlike his wife).

You can see along the right side of the above picture that there are three doors, leading into the three private offices.

Here is the first office:

This is the office for Jason's full-time employee.

And here is Jason's office:

I am *itching* to paint and decorate in here...but that takes money, so we are taking it slow.

And here is the third office:

yes, that is a gum ball machine...don't ask...we don't know.

It has two desks, back-to-back, and is unused for now.

Here is the main open reception area.  Isn't Jason's part-time employee beautiful??

The young lady who really works here part-time (four hours every afternoon) speaks Spanish...which is wonderful!

Looking back toward the front door:

These built-in shelves will one day (soon!) house beautiful things, instead of files (they have plenty of storage space in cabinets...this doesn't need to be on display):

And here is the conference room:

The view from the other end of the conference room:

These shelves will also one day (hopefully soon!) display beautiful things.

The first weekend after Jas started, we went to rearrange some furniture.  Thankfully, his two brothers  helped:

They were so helpful, and I am so glad they were there (otherwise I would have had to work harder!)....

...but plenty of "play" went on also!

Our kiddos sure do love their uncles....

...and the feeling is mutual!

 So glad we get to be by Jason's family again.

This is such an exciting time.  And at the same time...it. is. hard.  The learning curve.  The financial commitment involved.  The time commitment for all the studying and exams Jas has had to take (and he is taking another one tomorrow!).

There is always some attrition when there is an agent change, and this time is no different. And November and December are notorious for being the slowest months anyway (everyone is busy buying Christmas presents!).  On the bright side, the only place to go from here is up!

I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for Jas (and the rest of our family) in the future!

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