Running....and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

I have so much to post.  We have so much going on.

I feel like we hit the ground running 3.5 weeks ago...and we haven't stopped.  And we need to slow down.

During rest-time everyday I am reading, researching, making calls/sending texts to gather information.  We need a church family, a homeschool group, a house.  There are lessons that the children want to take.  Doctors to find.  Insurance(!) to decide on. (We are eligible for Jason's company's group insurance in a few days, but we have heard it is not the best, so we are gathering information to make a decision).

All of these decisions will come.  But I just want them to come now.  I want this all settled...so I can feel settled.  It doesn't work that way, though.  I just need to do the next thing, and be patient with the rest.  AND....rest in Him, that He will guide our every step, in His perfect timing.

And, OH, He has guided.  We have seen so many evidences of this along and along.  It is so encouraging!

And so many wonderful things have happened, little mercies...and BIG!  And I want to keep a good record.


I'm starting here...with a field trip the children and I took Monday.

I got connected with a FB group for local homeschoolers, and saw that the Denver Museum of Science and Nature was having a FREE day on Monday.  We like Free!

I whipped out my phone's mapping app, figured out where to go and we headed out.  It was so neat heading through areas that I haven't been to/through in forever, and pointing things out to the kiddos. Walk down memory lane, for sure!

First, the two youngest were unusually cooperative with my picture-taking desires before we left for the field trip:

I couldn't love this picture any more!

I love the opportunities we now have!

Abigail was done cooperating with pictures.

The museum was three floors of amazing sights.

We were just talking about arthropods in science last week...so this was cool!

There were so many exhibits that let the kiddos get real hands-on:

Abigail wasn't real sure she wanted to get hands-on....

...but then she got over it!

And then we headed to a paleontology exhibit.  The employees were great here!  First, our kiddos got on their stegosaurus tails (the bigs didn't want to participate, go figure!):

Then they crawled after the guides to see what the stegosaurus ate, and how it defended itself:

Then the children dug to discover bones.....

...and then figured out which bones they had dug up, and where they went on which dinosaur:

The museum offered multiple comfy places where we could eat the picnic lunch we brought.  (The museum also offered strollers for free, which we used, but not as much as I would have liked because they kept wanting to get out and get hands-on!) (Seriously, the only money we spent all day was on gas...woohoo!)

Gabriel asked so sweetly to take some pictures himself, I had to oblige:

G also asked me to video him...and I was happy to comply:

The fourth floor of the museum was an observation deck overlooking a beautiful park....

...and beautiful mountains!

We still having fully gotten used to the idea that we actually live here now!

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  1. That picture of the Littles on Nai Nai's bridge just about melted my heart. What a couple of sweet little nuggets!!



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