Alive and Well in Colorado

In a few hours, it will be one week that we have been in Colorado!

This past week and a half has been amongst the hardest (physically/mentally/emotionally) I've ever experienced.  But - and praise the Lord for this - His sweet presence and peace has been there the whole time. Keeping us safe, imparting wisdom and guidance, giving us strength (when I felt so weak)...keeping us sane!

We are (mostly) settled in here with Jason's mom, whom the children call Nai Nai (Chinese for "maternal grandmother").  Can I just say how she amazes me?  A woman who has lived alone for years - an introvert at that - agreeing to have a family-of-8 move in with her?  Just...wow.  She said "yes" willingly, and has handled it all with grace and aplomb!

The children and I started up school again today, and Jas started work today...studying and training in his company's district office (before he opens his own office in three weeks).

For now, we are home sweet home right here with Nai Nai:

This sand box has already seen hours (and HOURS!) of play.  And not just the two youngest play out there...N, D and LK love it also!  And they LOVE how these sand structures don't get knocked down by the incoming tide, like at the beach!

I don't ever want to take this view for granted...His handiwork is amazing!

View from the front door.  E is busy doing school work.

We are loving the feel of this part of town.  And the diversity.  LOVE the diversity.  Noah remarked a few days ago as he and I were out and about: "I love seeing other Asian men and boys!"  No, we didn't see many in our little town in GA.

We have joked that moving a family-of-8 was such an undertaking that we'll just buy this house from Nai Nai and she can buy a smaller place (which she had been looking into).  But then, as we drove to Jas' brother's house a mile away, we spotted a precious house for sale...and I had a child jump out and grab a flyer.  We are just much in prayer about that next step...and so many others.

I want to go back and document other things, like the actual trip out here, our first week here, our last week in GA.  But the cable to hook my phone to the computer is MIA right now, along with many other things!  (All 8 of us made it here, but other than that...I didn't do such a great job of packing in a smart way!)

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  1. Oh how I miss you, sweet friend, but wow at the view! Blessings to everyone.



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