VBS 2016

Last night was night #5, the last night, of VBS 2016 at our church.

Here we all are walking into VBS the first night.  It was Hat Day. (I was so glad that A didn't care that she didn't have a hat on...because I didn't want a hat on her hair!)

The oldest four of us worked...the youngest four attended.  HOW is it possible that we have two children old enough to work at VBS?!?

Elisabeth helped in the "Imagination Station."  Formerly known as the "Craft" area, this year it was really more like little science experiments/activities.  For instance, last night we hooked wires, pennies, nails and potatoes up in a circuit to light up an LED light.  It was awesome!

Noah had not one but two jobs.  He helped with records and with lights in the sanctuary.  He was thrilled that he was assigned these two spots...and he loved helping in these two ways.

Jas helped with Rec...and I was a Crew Leader with the third graders.  

Abigail was in "Waddlers."  The little ones stay in their classroom (except a little bit of rec time) and don't travel around to the four stations around the church to do all that the older kiddos get to do.  But they, of course, are none the wiser about this...and she had a great time.

G was in the Pre-Schoolers class and this was the first year his class traveled around, and he had a ball!  He was so excited to show me his craft/activity every night...it was precious.  

G also got way into the spirit of VBS, participating in Crazy Hair night:

When G heard/saw Daniel's plans for Crazy Hair night, he piped up that he wanted a ponytail also.  Considering the fact that he has zero hair, we had to get creative.  We tied black yarn to one of A's plain headbands.  I planned to pull all the "hair" back into a low ponytail when we were done, but G liked the way it looked down.  So, we went with that:

We all agreed that we think he looks a lot like the lead singer of Newsboys - Michael Tate.

Daniel loves Crazy Hair Day and plans for this for forever.  He has been growing the top of his hair longer for months to have something to work with on Crazy Hair Day:

There is the "ponytail" that D had, sticking straight up.  And Elisabeth helped him achieve that curl in his bangs.

Elisabeth also did my hair for me.

Here is my buddy Robbie.  She even had crazy hair on her EYEbrows.  THAT is impressive!

Elisabeth and I had fun for Wacky Tacky Day also.

We had a wonderful time learning about how God gives us hope, courage, direction, love and power.  

We had a great time singing and dancing.

And - as any parent who has participated in VBS knows - I am glad it is now done.  

But we'll be looking forward to next year!

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