A frame is waiting on the bookshelves in Abigail and Gabriel's room.    It has been waiting for weeks now.  Waiting for a "good" picture of the two of them together to fill it.  

When we got home from church yesterday - while they were still looking spiffy - I decided to try to grab a "good" picture.  They are 1 and 3-years olds, so I know my standards can't be too high.  But I would prefer each subject be looking at me...and smiling.  And considering how much they truly do love one another, I would love for them to be hugging, or have their arms around one another.  

We ended up with a couple of real contenders...and a bunch of funny out-takes.

Here is our photo shoot, in order, unedited:

I laid Gabriel's clothes out for church on Saturday night, but that bow-tie is a dead giveaway as to who actually helped him get dressed Sunday morning...and added his own touch during the process.

Good...but they aren't hugging

One of the two finalists...in my book

Almost there...

The winner?  

Someday it will be easy to take a picture of them no problem.

That will be a very happy and a very sad day, all at the same time.


  1. PRECIOUS! Love the bow tie, N!!!

    1. Now, how did you ever guess, Melissa?!? ;) Miss you...love you!

  2. I love the second one and "almost there" the best. :)

    1. I LOVE that second one, Shecki Grtylblesd! That might be one of the best pictures of G ever. I just wish A was looking at the camera. She doesn't even have to smile, if she was just looking!



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