Catching Up

I have been such a blog slacker the past few weeks!  But memories are starting to pile up, and if I don't get them down, they will be gone forever...just like that - woosh! - from the sieve that is my memory bank....

So Noah has been in speech therapy with my bestie Vicki forever.  FOREVER!  Seriously, like 6 or 7 years.  And his /r/ sound is still giving him fits.  "Girl Meets World" would be a nightmare for him to say!

Recently when Noah and Vicki were working together at our kitchen table, Vicki asked Noah to stick his tongue out and down as part of some exercises.  He couldn't do what she was doing.  She looked closer.  Had me come look.  He was tongue-tied.  Not horribly or extremely.  But enough that it was affecting his speech.

On December 18th, Mr. Noah went to an oral surgeon, was sedated (blech!), and had his frenum under his tongue clipped.  The technical term is "Frenectomy."  He was such a trooper and handled it so well...never even took any pain meds at home!

Noah slept ALOT after the procedure...and kept a bowl nearby, just in case (thankfully he never needed it)

We have our first post-op speech appointment with Vicki tomorrow...can't wait to see how things go!


My favorite Christmas presents...hands down:  These t-shirts that Jas tucked into each of our stockings...

That would be an alligator that G-man is holding up....a current favorite thing.

Love these shirts.

Love that Jas surprised us with them.


Another thing Jas surprised me with - a (refurbished) iPad mini.  My iPad (that we purchased refurbished four years ago) is on its temperamental last leg.

Elisabeth is famous around these parts for snagging electronic devices and taking pictures.  I like finding pics like these:  

But you never know what you will find on there.  

Here are the recent pics that she helped everyone take (using a function on the iPad that I didn't even know existed):

(Notice there are no pictures of Noah.  This little/big guy would never be caught dead participating in such shenanigans.)


So I turned the big 4-3 several days after Christmas.

I was treated like royalty!

The kiddos woke up early and made me breakfast: Eggs, fruit, tea and homemade cards.

Babies were still asleep at this point.

 What more could a girl ask for?

We all got treated to lunch at a local Chinese buffet (that my kiddos LOVE!) by LaoLao and Papa.  And daddy got to meet us there too.  It was great!

I still feel like I am about 23...mentally/emotionally.  Physically I am definitely realizing I am 43.  I recently bought my first pair of dimestore reading glasses.  The magnification is only +1.00...but they sure do help!

(I only had them in the drawer for about 4 weeks before I actually broke down and wore them for the first time during my quiet time with the Lord.)


Our children get three presents each from us for Christmas.  For the past few years one of those three presents we give them is a game for all of us to play together.  Those games sure came in handy on New Years Eve!

We ended up not making it to midnight the past couple of years, even though we wanted to. (Not bad enough, apparently.)  But this year we had A Plan.  It involved coffee at about 8 p.m. for Jas and I, and then games and more games until the ball dropped.

First we played Sushi Go.  This is a fast and fun game, that I sometimes actually win...so I really like it!

No little around...they still went to bed at 7 p.m. like normal.

And we ended up playing Love Letter for the first time...and we really love it!  ("We" is a relative term.  I am very bad at it...but the rest are good and they love it!)

(Other games the children received are Time Line and Dixit)

About 10 minutes before midnight, Jas set up his phone to stream the ball dropping (we don't have live TV)...and we made it!  

Happy New Year!

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  1. LOVE those shirts!! And I have a lot of wonky pics like that on my iPad, too. ;)



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