Painting and Partying

Saturday was all about painting....and then more painting...and then partying.

I have been seeing awesome pictures on FB of friends going to art parties.  The finished canvases looked amazing!  So when I got an invitation to attend one of these parties at our church, I signed myself and Elisabeth up right away.

We decided to do one Christmas canvas and one regular canvas.

We painted, and talked, and visited, and snacked...and painted.

And at the end of three hours, we had these to take home with us:

Elisabeth's is now hanging on our family room wall.  It will stay there until after Christmas, and then mine will hang there the rest of the year.  Love them!


Later that afternoon, during A's nap time, Jas and I got some work done on the DIY Entertainment-Center-Turned-Play-Kitchen.  

It was time to start painting:

Full Confession - This is the first actual hands-on work I've done.  I had the vision...and I have been busy buying fake food, dishes, utensils, pots, aprons, etc.  Very hard work.  

But Jas has done every bit of the real work!

T minus 10 more days!  


And then....

We cleaned off the paint and headed to Jason's Christmas party!

Literally - after I was dressed and ready to go, Jas leaned over and pointed out a spot of paint I still had on my arm.

I do not like going to stuff like this.  People I don't know?  Small talk?  Blech!  Sometimes my stomach hurts because I am so uncomfortable/nervous.  I am an ISTJ through and through and this party gives me the heeby jeebies every year.  

The funny things is: Probably nobody would know that from looking at me:  I smile.  I make small talk.  Inside I am dying.  

I have made do with my outfits for the past few years.  But with us homeschooling (read: not getting dressed up on a daily basis) and now going to a church that has jeans as a standard uniform...I own NO fancy clothes.  

But the idea of spending money on something I will likely never wear again?  That also gives me the heeby jeebies...in a bad way.  

But it was time.  I had some wide-leg, flowy black pants already.  They are 11 years old...and thankfully I held onto them long enough that wide-leg/palazzo is back in style.  I wore hand-me-down high heels from my little 15-year old cousin (passed to Elisabeth, but I swiped them) that were really about 1 size too small, but I was NOT going to buy new heels.  I borrowed jewelry (earrings, necklace AND bracelet) from my bestie Vicki.  (I own absolutely NOTHING that would look appropriate with this sequiny top!). 

I headed to a shop that is really reasonably priced at the mall in the town next to us.  It had a very pretty asymmetrical thing going on that is not visible in the above picture.  This was probably the most comfortable thing I have every worn in my life.  (That partly made up for the pain going on in my feet all night.)

I will always look at that picture and remember - with a smile - that I was only out-of-pocket $23.xx....including tax!!!  

Anyone need a black, sequined, assymetrical hem blouse....size M???

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  1. You all look mahhhvelous, my friend! So understand the uncomfortableness!! Love ya!



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