A First

I caught a "last" a few days ago, and I also captured a "first":  Miss Abigail's first popsicle!

Does she look happy, or what?

And here, she looks downright smug:

I do believe she liked it.

This situation definitely called for a full-body bib.

After we discovered that Abigail was reacting to dairy (like "it messed her skin UP" reacting) we knew we needed to pull out the recipe for our popsicles made with homemade coconut milk.

We originally used these with Gabriel, whose skin also used to react horribly to dairy.(I can't handle how little and cute he is in the pictures in that link!)  (BTW - GAPS healed him of this..he now has multiple cups of Chelsea's milk daily.)

To prove how very much Abigail loves her big sissy Lily Kay, she even shared her popsicle.

This popsicle-eating thing took quite a while.  Abigail savored it.

If you are squeamish about food sharing, you wouldn't last long at our house.

Back and forth.  Back and Forth...it went from A to LK.  And back again.

Proof I am not the only one who opens my mouth while I am feeding someone else:

So glad we can not only nourish our sweet girl...but provide her food that just plain makes her smile also.


  1. I just want to pinch those sweet cheeks!!!! Gorgeous!! Much love!

  2. Love the one with her mouth WIDE open. Cute!



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