Miscellany Monday - July, 6, 2015: Blueberries, Independence Day...and Abigail is ONE!


We were blessed to be invited to go pick blueberries again with Dr. Kathy!

I lightened up the above pic in www.picmonkey.com (LOVE that site!) because we went at night this year, and it was on its way to getting dark by the time we were done had to leave.

I'm pretty sure than Kathy and Jas colluded to get us to go at night this year so that I would HAVE to leave...otherwise it is hard to tear me away from ALL. THOSE. BLUEBERRIES!  We left millions and gazillions of berries on the bushes.  I would not be able to sleep at night if those berries were right outside my house!

G is not smiling because he has a mouthful of berries.  He was putting them in his mouth TWO handfuls at a time!

We ended up freezing 6.5 gallons of berries.  Who KNOWS how many more we ate out among the bushes...and as we bagged up berries!

(I am still making this toothpaste that I discovered after our blueberry picking last year...so no stained teeth for us this year!)


Wednesday and Thursday...

....two of our peeps had medical stuff that deserve a bigger post....hopefully tomorrow.


Independence Day!

First, we had to get dolled up:

 (in bows that Lao Lao couldn't stop herself from buying!)

 Then our older girlies made this beautiful flag....

...that I found on Pinterest. (Of course)

 Then we headed over to Lao Lao and Papa's to celebrate.

 Aunt Susu got to come too!

Lao Lao had the kiddos decked out right, in glasses (that blinked!)


...and more sparkers!

Gabriel kept asking for "more fire!"

Elisabeth asked if I could do the neat photography trick we saw at Ansley's wedding recently.  I said "no"...but then was able to capture some neat pictures after all.

We were trying for a heart...but I'm not that good.

Then Daniel wanted in on this action.

He said he looked like he was doing "Spinjitsu"...a Lego thing:

And Abigail watched all the shenanigans from the safety of Papa's lap:


And one precious little girl is ONE year old today!

Lao Lao and Papa are coming over tonight to help us celebrate, and I plan to post more about this girl.

This was my first try at a whole-head twist out.  I learned some things to do...and NOT to do again.


We are simply blessed beyond measure.

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