Miscellany Monday - June 1, 2015: Camp, Swimming and Eyes

As a rule, we are very intentional about not being too busy.  We don't like running all around, activities/lessons/practices every afternoon/evening.  And we DON'T go for not having supper together.

But...summer is different.  June specifically, is always very busy.

This morning, Jas dropped off three of the kiddos to start their week of camp.  It is all day (8 a.m. -5 p.m.) and they have loved it in past years.  They have been so excited that they packed their lunches all by themselves....TWO DAYS AGO.  And this morning at 5:11 a.m. Daniel came into our room, "Is it time for us to get up yet?"  (Thankfully Jas and I were already awake)

Noah thinks this camp is "too loud" and hasn't wanted a repeat after his experience with it two years ago.  

So, what did Noah get to do instead this morning?  Go to his annual ophthalmologist appointment.  We are still keeping an eye on his pressures, making sure he doesn't have glaucoma.  He does still continue to have high/high-normal pressures, but the doctor is now confident that that is just normal for our boy.

And now, we get to switch to coming in for these eye appointments every two years, instead of every year, woohoo!

We knew from previous appointments that the above eye doctor appointments take quite a while...this morning was 2 hours.  Abigail did go with us, but Gabriel got to stay with Lao Lao.  Noah called it LaoLao Camp and G was very excited (truth be told, he would have been excited if we had called it nothing!).  He even got to pack his new lunchbox to take over there!  He played and played with the "puppies" (not really puppies anymore) and LaoLao and Papa!

One funny story from G's time with LaoLao:  After she helped him get dressed again after a bathroom trip, it looked like he couldn't walk good.  Hmmmm?!?!

And then LaoLao realized that they had put BOTH of his legs in ONE leg hole of his shorts.  She took a picture to commemorate the event:

He doesn't seem too terribly upset by it!

and then...

I took Gabriel to his first day of swimming lessons!  

We've been talking this up for the past couple of weeks, so while he wasn't excited, he was ready and he did fine.  He learned how to do "fat jaws" today.  

This is the same young woman who taught all four of my older kiddos to swim 5 and 7 years ago...so I am confident she can have our little guy swimming in no time!

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