Re-Entry: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly...and Another Countdown Chain

Arriving back home from a trip is wonderful...and h.a.r.d.

After my last post about how great the roadtrip went - and how we're itching for more - I felt like it would be dishonest to not share the other side.  We ARE still ready for more roadtrips...but it's not all rainbows and unicorns.  

The children - in addition to adjusting to multiple time zone changes - were in the van forEVAH, sleeping off and on during all hours.  Sleeping during the day....walking (wide-awake) around a gas station at 3:30 a.m.  

So sleeping has been interesting...especially for our youngest two.

Add to that, four of the children are now sick.  It started the last day or two that we were in CO.  Running all over tarnation, staying up later than normal, eating (ahem) less than optimal = recipe for sickness.  

Abigail isn't happy when I put her down..and she isn't much happier when I hold her.  And when she threw up some of the snot in her stomach yesterday, I caught it with my hands and shirt.  


Stumbling around here Monday on 4 hours of sleep (after 4-5 hours in St. Louis the night before) - doing load after mountainload of laundry - I didn't really feel human for quite a while.

Home got an inch of rain while we were gone...and everything looked so different when we got back.  Our big oak in the front yard all of a sudden is covered in green...beautiful!  

The grass went crazy while we were gone...and G and I had to mow it that first day back.  I love mowing...but the front yard gives me plenty of opportunity to love...and I'm so thankful that Chelsea and T-bone take care of the one-acre pasture for us.


As we pulled into our driveway at about two a.m. Monday morning, we saw a bunch of little flags in our yard.  

They have actually begun the process for us to get real, actual, GOOD internet!  WOOHOO!

And Jas is so very excited at this prospect that he made this countdown chain all. by. himself:

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