Our 19th Anniversary

While we were in Colorado, Jas and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary.  Well, the date arrived, but we didn't actually celebrate per se,  because we didn't want to take a night away from all the family since we were only there for 6 nights.

So....this past weekend, Kalyn came to watch the kiddos and we finally took the time to officially celebrate number nineteen, because it certainly deserves to be celebrated.

Kalyn also took this pic for us - that sweet girl earns her money when she comes here.

Just yesterday, this was us:

Two 20-year olds, head over heels in luuuuuuv

As much fun as we were having as 20-year olds, being here is oh-so-much sweeter...and I dare say, even more fun.

We look different on the outside:  grey hairs (that thankfully look like highlights in red hair), no hairs, wrinkles laugh lines...

But the big difference is on the inside:  a comfort and peace knowing that while our journey through this fleeting life is rocky and bumpy (oh man is it)....

.....I am so thankful to the Lord for who I get to journey with.

WHAT was I telling Jas???

And I don't mean "comfort and peace" in a boring, stale kind of way.  Oh, no.

Because things are never boring around here.

And if the kiddos didn't make sure of that...

...Jas certainly could.  

No, I mean "comfort and peace" in a wonderful, safe.....wonderful sort of way.  A way I wouldn't have dreamed possible as that 20-year old in that picture up there.  

That 20-year old knew that she knew that she loved that cute guy....but she never knew that this would be so good.  I am so amazed and thankful for how the Lord has worked in and through our marriage.   While our kiddos are a close second (times 6), I easily consider Jason the #1 biggest blessing the Lord has given me.  

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