Colorado Trip - 2015: Home Sweet Home

When we pulled into our driveway last night (this morning, actually) just before 2 a.m....our Colorado Trip - 2015 came to an end.

It was so. much. fun.

The Silver Bullet drove 3,594.5 miles over the past 11 days.  We were on the road for approximately 61 hours round trip.  We listened to approximately 55 hours of Adventures in Odyssey.

Our children are officially the best passengers ever.  I may be biased, but truth is just truth.

We have already begun making plans for future road trips:  Annual trip to Colorado (instead of every 4 years)? Trip to DC?  Trip to NY?  Creation Museum?  Grand Canyon?  Mount Rushmore?   Now that we realize that we can do this...the world is our oyster!  (Or, at least the contiguous United States is our oyster...)

We spent two nights in Kansas, six in Colorado, one in Missouri.

We spent varying amounts of time in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee.

We stopped at about 15 gas stations.  Maybe 20 (I lost count).

We (collectively) ate approximately 673 Chewy SweetTarts.  ugh.  (But they are sooooo yummy! And chewy! And sweet! And tart!)

We hugged about a thousand necks and shared ten thousand laughs.

Most importantly...we made a million precious memories that we will always treasure.  

I plan to post lots of pictures in the days to come...

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  1. Glad y'all had so much fun but when you head to the Creation Museum, I'm hiding in the back. Now I know I can bribe the kiddos with sweet tarts to keep it quiet. ly



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