My Valentine

While I was taking pictures before the Father Daughter Dance, I was able to snap some pictures of Jas right by himself.

At first, he didn't know I was taking them:

But then he caught on, and flashed that grin:

That grin.

That grin that I love so much.  

I have stared at this last photo so much over the past few days.  It makes my eyes well up.  It makes my heart literally ache.   

I love those mischievous eyes.  Those gray hairs.  And that shaved head.  I just love him - all of him - so much.

I love how well I know him.  And I love how well he knows me.  

I can be completely vulnerable with him...and still feel completely safe with him.  

He is the smartest person I know.  And the hardest-working.  

He knows how to make me laugh. (And does so very often.)

He knows how to help me stop crying.  (Even when he's the reason I started crying in the first place!)

We do not have a perfect marriage, because we are (SO) not perfect people.  Two sinners, making a life together - that's us.  But after almost 19 years of marriage...we've figured a few things out.  And being married to this guy is just so much better than I ever even imagined when we said "I do" all those years ago.  

Jas is going to die when he finds that I've posted this.  Excuse me while I go apologize...

Sorry notsorry, Jas!

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