This morning at 6:30 a.m. - when the temp was 28 degrees but the "real feel" was 14 - Jas met our AI (artificial insemination) tech out in the pasture to work on a second round of trying to get Chelsea pregnant.  (Jas had already been out there earlier to milk her, mind you....he's my hero!)

Due to her (decreased) milk production yesterday morning, Jas thought it likely that she was coming into heat.  Looking through the kitchen sink window yesterday, I was able to verify that she was indeed in "standing heat" (please do not ask me to explain how I was able to confirm this).  We've learned way more about frozen semen and the cycles and inner workings of bovine than I ever dreamed/hope to in my life.

From a previous AI visit - he was taking a blood sample to see if Chelsea was pregnant.  She wasn't.

And the children are - of course - right in the middle of all this.

During some small talk at a recent doctor appointment, Lily Kay tried to prompt me to share our "funny" story from the first AI attempt:  "Remember?  He had his WHOLE arm up her BOTTOM!"

My question for today:  Does this count as science for my homeschooled children?

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