Miscellany Monday: November 17, 2014

Saturday morning was the last soccer game of the season.

I have a love/hate thing going with soccer.  (This applies to any outside activities, actually.)

I love that my kiddos love it.  I love that they are learning new things - physical and mental - through their involvement with it.  I love the friends that we've made through soccer, that we never would have met otherwise.

I love that my kiddos all love the same activity, and that (by bumping LK and D up an age bracket) they are all on the same team.

I LOVE that Jas was their head coach this season.

I don't love running around...and time away from home.

And since the "loves" far outweigh the "don't loves"...we'll continue to play soccer.


The eight of us hit the stores this week.  The children each had a "shoe box" to fill for Operation Christmas Child.

This has become a wonderful tradition for us every November, and I love how much the children love to participate.

As the children have gotten older, they are much more involved in picking out the items...and packing them.  We had quite the packing party last night!

D is smiling like this on purpose....where does G get his weird smiles from?

We pray that the Lord would use each of these boxes to bring light and joy into the the life of a child...

....and use this small gift in a powerful way, as only He can.


Yesterday our church celebrated Orphan Awareness Sunday.  Jas and I were were blessed to be asked to be on a panel to discuss Orphans and Adoption.

We jumped at the chance.   They were able to drag us up there because we were going to be able to talk about our precious kiddos...and brag on our amazing God.

G and A got to come up with us during the first service, since there is no child care available in that service.
G wanted to get his hot little hands on the microphone SO BAD!

I checked with the older children before we agreed, to see how they felt about us talking about them and their adoptions...wanting to always be sensitive to their feelings.  They told us to go for it.

It was a neat panel discussion, in that 4 different households were represented, who have responded to the orphan epidemic in different ways...from mission trips to adoption.

Lord, I pray that we would each be sensitive to your leading, and obedient to be Your hands and Your feet in whatever unique way You have planned for each of us.  Amen

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