Jack Of All Trades

I went to the Together For Adoption Conference over the weekend.  Jas and I joked that "Survive" might be the only thing on his to-do list while I was gone (like the daddy on one of my favorite blog's HERE).

But Jas did more than survive, of course....he is Super Dad!

I was thrilled with him when I got home.  My bedroom looked like this....

...and this....

...and this!

Stuff EVERYWHERE!  It looked as if the closet had exploded...and, in fact, that is exactly (kind of) what happened!

So, why was I happy about this???

While I was gone, Jas took the opportunity (with LOTS of help from smaller hands) to get done a project that he and I have talked about ever since we moved into this house.

When I left, our master closet looked like this:

And it NOW looks like this:

Jas and I've only been together for 21 years now...why am I still continually surprised by how smart and talented and thorough he is?!?!

I may still be surprised, but I am also very thankful!

Jas took "before" and "during" pictures with his phone, so I could see how the project progressed.

This may sound silly, but I truly would have been a happy, happy girl if Jas had just done the wood work...

...even if he hadn't painted anything.  But he did:  the walls, the new (and old) woodwork...and he even freshened up the floorboards and casing on the door!

It is just more than I had ever hoped or imagined...and I am ecstatic!

Jas taking an "after" pic with his phone, so he could brag on FB...as well he should!

Jas even thought to buy us a new little ladder that we will need to access the new highest shelf.

So, in closing....

....My new closet is great...My husband is awesome....

...and AMEN!

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  1. Oh my goodness! It looks AMAZING. I can see why you are so pleased and he is so proud. Holy smokes. Awesome. Furthering home organization is just so satisfying, on pretty much any level. Sa-weet.



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