The Rest of the Story

So, we had a photographer take some pictures of Abigail...and they turned out breathtaking, if I do say so myself.

But OH, how I wish I'd had **my** camera out and snapping away the entire time Christian was taking pics of Abigail!

First, she came here to our house for the photo shoot.  She prefers to do that for newborn pictures...and I was thrilled to hear that (so much easier for me!).

She brought a friend/assistant with her, and they were both fabulous and I loved them both instantly.

So there were 9 people in the house that day = 7 of us, 2 of them.  Everywhere she was taking pictures of Abigail there were 7 people hanging all over the scene, having trouble staying out of it.  Asking a million questions (because my kiddos are always real curious...and so is their mama!).

It was practically a three-ring circus, and Missy slept peacefully (and beautifully) through all of it.


Except for when she went to the bathroom.

I mean: Except for when SHE WENT TO THE BATHROOM!  (it definitely deserves all caps)

Christian had me strip A totally naked for the pictures.  (My kiddos were horrified that we were having her be "immodest", but my job -as assigned by Christian - was to make sure no "tutus" showed).

Christian also said, "She is going to tee-tee on my stuff (scarves, etc).  It is alright.  Moms always get horrified...but it is totally fine.  So just prepare yourself...she is going to tee-tee...and it is fine."  

And then during the "purple" photo shots (taken in the floor of the boys' room)....things were going so beautifully...

....and then A made this face...

And THAT, my friends, is Abigail's official Poo Poo Face.

To some it may appear that she is attempting to smile...but no...that face means poo poo.

So I told Christian what was going on and apologized, to which she promptly responded that is was totally fine.

I was sitting right out of the shot on the floor, so after I thought she was done,  I picked A up and set her in my lap while I attempted to clean her and the scarves as best I could.

And then she pooped on me.  (sigh)  But I'm a mama, and have definitely had worse stuff done to me by my children.

And knowing that she was surely done now, I handed Abigail to Elisabeth while I cleaned myself up.

And then...she pooped on Elisabeth's shirt and shorts.  E was a great sport and laughed through it all.

And the photographer and assistant I loved instantly?  They laughed through all of it also - instead of getting frustrated or impatient - and I loved them even more.

But I sure do wish I had behind-the-scenes shots to show Abigail one day...how much fun was had during her first official pictures.


  1. LOLOL, who wouldn't be charmed by a pooping baby?? Especially with that sweet poop-face. LOLOL

  2. I have always wondered if those darling photo shoots of sweet bare little babies every had any "accidents" - now I know! Ha, ha! Too funny! Miss A is beautiful!



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