10 Years

Saturday marked ten years since the day we first held our Elisabeth.

She wasn't sure about us at first.

Not for several days.

But then she apparently decided to make the best of it....

...and she has been smiling ever since.

And bringing smiles to the faces of everyone around her also.

This past weekend worked out to be the first time NaiNai could come to meet her newest grandbaby....and it was SO neat that she was here for this 10th anniversary of Elisabeth's adoption day because 10 years ago, she and LaoLao flew with us to China...

....to bring home that precious Elisabeth!

Now....ten years later...

....they have a few more grandchildren in common...and lots more love and hugs to go around!

 But this girl....

...she is the one who started it all.

When the Lord laid China and adoption on my heart when I was 7 or 8 years old, I knew a sweet baby girl from China was in my future....but I truly had no inkling I'd ever adopt more than once.

During our process to adopt Elisabeth, Jason and I became aware of the **millions** of orphans around the world...and realized: "We cannot do this just once!"

The Lord knew this precious girl needed to be our first.  She has always been the best big sister...asking begging for us to adopt again (they've all started in again now).

We love this girl more than words can express.  We are so blessed that we get to be her parents...

...and we are so grateful for the work that the Lord has done in and through her!

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