Soccer Tournament Weekend

So our first traveling soccer tournament is officially over.  

What a great group of kids:

No, D didn't forget his blue jersey, he was the "keeper".  I sound like a real
soccer mom now, right?  I've just learned recently that it's not "goalie", like I'd always thought...it's "keeper."

This team has been playing together for less than three weeks.  As of a week ago, they'd never practiced on a regulation-sized field like they played three games on this weekend.  My kiddos have been playing for about a year and a half.  I know that at least two of the other players have been playing for less than a year.  We were the only team that was co-ed, which means we were playing against all-boy "club" teams.

So, ummmm, we were under-dogs.

I like a good under-dog story...but this one didn't end how I would have preferred...

The bottom line?   We didn't win.  Not any of our three games.  By worldly standards, some people would view the weekend as a waste.

I think this is the real bottom line: It was a great opportunity for our children to learn, and to walk out some truths.

-  How to not give up - never give up - even though things aren't going the way you'd like

-  How to be nice and respectful...even if you're losing...and even if your opponent isn't being kind

-  How to lose gracefully.  And how to lose with your head up, because you played your best, and that is what matters

At the end of each of the three games, parents from the opposing side came over to compliment our team's attitude and skill.  Now I'm not as competitive as I was when I was the one competing in sports - my focus has certainly changed with motherhood - but I would much rather our children play their best and with good attitudes than win at any cost.

Yes, we certainly had a good weekend.

And when people have asked how the tourney went, my honest answer is "good!"

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