Sweet, Attentive...and Mostly Non-Compliant

Our friend/fellow church member/nurse Shelly stopped by the house and took out my 8 stitches.  

She originally thought we'd need to begin by only taking out every other stitch...but when she got started it all looked so good that she went ahead and took them all out.  Shelly was amazed at how loose the stitches were, she thinks because I kept using my hand the whole time.  Guilty.

But all 8 of them are gone now...Good riddance!

sorry for the quality, I took this quick with my phone because I knew the kids (who were at soccer practice with Jas) would want to see it...and Shelly was about to put Steri-strips back over it.

A confession (that may surprise no one):  I'm a sweet and attentive, but mostly non-compliant patient.

At the ER I politely declined their "offer" for a tetanus shot.  I knew from some reading I'd done previously that the clostridium bacteria live on soil, saliva, dust and manure...and I knew that it was my clean-straight-from-the-cabine drinking glass that cut me.  Also, my cut bled real good, which reportedly helps prevent problems since the bacteria thrive in an anaerobic environment.  Given those two things, I felt safe declining. (more info on Tetanus shot)

The ER also called in an antibiotic for me, which I never picked up.  Instead, directly on the cut we used hydrogen peroxide, Sovereign Silver (a natural antibiotic), and neosporin.  Orally, I took some Oreganol - Oil of Oregano (another natural antibiotic...God is so cool!) several times.  

There is most definitely a time and place for antibiotics, and I'm so thankful we have them available to us.  But this was not the time or place that I felt pharmaceutical antibiotics were necessary.  My cut has healed nicely and I'm so thankful!

Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on the internet.  I'm just a mama who likes to research...and wants herself and her family to thrive, so we can make much of Him!  Needless to say, research these sorts of medical decisions for yourself, and make decisions you are comfortable with.  

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