Of Feeding, a Finger, Fantastic Steamers...and a Fieldtrip

We spent time over the weekend getting (more) ready.  Some new items, some repurposed items...now ready.

We're getting close...so close I can almost taste it now!

We're getting close to having more mouths to feed here on our homestead.

35-40 new mouths, to be (not so) exact.

Jas thinks this setup will be big enough.  And as much as I think of Jason's smarts...I'm not so sure this time.  I'm thinking this won't be big enough, especially 4 or 5 weeks in.    


The steri-strips are off.  After three weeks, finally everything is out...and off!

The pinky is still swollen, which I just find interesting. It will be interesting to see how long that takes to go away.

And I can't feel that fingertip.  I've been told it could take 6-12 months for the nerves to regenerate.  Or they may never.  Again, interesting...we'll see...


It's so hard to know how to dress this time of year.  It ends up being really nice in the afternoon, but if I dress for that, then I'm cold first thing in the morning.  In order to fix that mid-morning coldness the last couple of mornings, I've made this special drink....Pumpkin Spice Steamer.    Oh. My.  

Yes, I'm still using that mug...and I still love it.

G loves it every bit as much as I do.  I'm so glad it is legal for him...and downright healthy to boot!

I feel like I need to confess:  G loved it so much the first morning I made it, that I did not tell him when I made it the second time...because I wanted it all to myself!  

Selfish mama, I know...and I felt bad.

Lie.  That was a lie.


We went on a fieldtrip with our homeschool group recently, to the Science and History museum.

(Elisabeth took all these pictures, save the last one.)

While we had fun seeing the dinosaurs...

...and spiders...

and salamanders...

...and the show at the planetarium, and on and on....     

...our favorite part was carpooling with our buddies, the R family.  

And when we go on our fieldtrip this Friday?  Vicki gets to drive all 11 of us...because she just got a 12-passenger vehicle.  She unveiled a picture of it on FB with this quip, "The Mothership has landed."  

We can't wait to ride in the Mothership with our buds!


  1. Joli, your chick set up looks great, but I think you're going to need more space for them by about 4 weeks. We had 6 chicks, and at 5 weeks we had to move them to a dog crate in the garage. They will also be able to hop out of there pretty quickly, so if you have some chicken wire you can set on top, that's a good idea. Have fun with your babies!

    1. Thank you, Kristin....I *knew* it! I've read that it is usually good to keep them indoors until they're 6-8 weeks old. Do you think we could possibly move them out earlier, given that we live in the (warmer) south?

  2. Excited about the process of your baby chick. Finger is looking good. Take care

  3. Zach just did a class project and grew 16 chicks in a pen in our garage mind you. (Ssh!--Don't tell our HOA I'm positive that is against our rules. Ha! But anyway, he had 16 of them and they quickly (about by 5 weeks) outgrew their pen which was about 3 1/2 feet by 2 feet and about 2 1/2 tall. They also "jump" around at about 4 weeks. We had to move them on to my sister's farm before he had planned. Just an FYI-- they like to perch on things. Zach used branches from a tree. Enjoy!



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