Miscellany Monday: March 24, 2014

Happy 18th anniversary to me and Jas!  I truly can't believe it's been that long ago that we said "I do."  Oh, how I love - and am so thankful for - this man of mine.

So how did we celebrate this anniversary?

We went out to eat at a local "Fresh Mexican" place that we've always loved (that has proven to be quite the God-send while we're on GAPS).

And then...

We went to a "Homeschooling in Highschool" meeting that a couple of the moms in our homeschool group graciously held for us with younger children.

Yes, my oldest is in 5th grade, so I'm not worried about high school just yet...but I know that it is always wise to "begin with the end in mind."  It was a good meeting and I'm so glad that Jas and I were both able to go!


While Jas and I were on our hot date/homeschool meeting, the children were having a blast back at the house with Kalyn.

We go to church with Kalyn, and she is so good with my kids!  (She's good with all kids, actually.)

Kalyn's cousin Hunter (whom we also go to church with, and who lives right down the road from us) stopped by also.  The kiddos schooled Hunter in how to play four-square....and they all had a great time together.  (K and H have since come back for a rematch, as H apparently wanted to redeem his name.)

When we got home from the meeting, G was tucked in bed snoozing away, and the rest of the house was PITCH black.  Turns out the kiddos talked Kalyn into "making it like a movie theater" while the five of them watched Little House on the Prairie.  When we walked in LK was huddled with Kalyn on the couch, and they were both covering their faces, as they happened to be watching what turned out to be one of the strangest Little House episodes ever ("Ellen"). I think Kalyn was glad we came home when we did, so she didn't have to watch the rest...but she did make sure to later ask my kids how it turned out  (it turned out good, of course).

So thankful for the sweet spirited young people the Lord has placed in our lives.  Thank you for helping with our children, Kalyn!


I am always on the lookout for new recipes I can try.  I had a good run and hit on several new "keepers" this week!

I do not even have pictures of this first combo, because we inhaled all of it...pronto!

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup - We all really liked these...totally yum.  I lost track of how many times Jas said he loved this soup.  Good problem to have.  SCORE!

Coconut Flour Popovers - we had these for breakfast this morning:

We all really liked them.  And they only had **four** ingredients, so I really liked them!  The big debate at our house this morning was about the best way to "doctor them up."  Just butter?  Butter and honey?  Peanut Butter?  We all had our own opinions, and had to agree to disagree about that.  But we all agreed that this recipe needs to be a new regular at our house!


If I'm counting right, today is 6 weeks since BeBe was attacked.  We have been marveling at how she is recovering:

I will refrain from showing side-by-side, before-and-after pictures...but that place on the right was TENNIS BALL sized, with NO skin/hair covering the flesh. And look at it now...a thin line.  Wow.

It blows my mind how the human dog body can recover/regenerate like that.  Our Creator's handiwork is truly astounding.


Speaking of recovering/regenerating...

If you don't want to see stitches....close now!

My finger is healing...although it doesn't look so much like it yet:

Two of our friends (a nurse and a doctor) looked at it at church yesterday morning.  I texted Shelly a picture the night before, and she was concerned, so she showed the pic to the doc and he wanted to take a look at it too.  Thankfully, they said it looked better in person than in the picture.  Shelly is going to stop by our house on Thursday and take the stitches out for me (she lives at the end of our road).  At this point, the plan is to take out only every other stitch at first.

I will be glad when the stitches are gone and I can stop wearing bandages.  If I had to pick a finger to do this to...it would absolutely be this one (my left pinky). But this is still a pain...and I keep bumping it into everything.  But in church it occurred to me how much better it felt compared to last Sunday (less than 24 hours after I'd cut it) when it was aching and throbbing.

I made Shelly's job a wee bit easier when I hit my finger on something the other day and popped out the last stitch on the right.  Yeah, that hurt a little.

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