Our 4th LK Day!

Friday we celebrated Lily Kay's 4th Adoption Day - a.k.a. LK Day!

Which also means that we've just passed another big milestone:  LK has now been with us as long as she was in an institution.  

While LK's adjustment has gone smoothly given her age at adoption...adopting an almost-4-year old is definitely different than adopting an infant or toddler.

In addition to bonding and attachment, other more practical issues are just different.  There are still things I'm finding that she just has no frame-of-reference for.  Given how bright she is, it's interesting when I realize that we're hitting on a word or subject that she is just not at all familiar with.  For instance, LK has used foil multiple times when helping me in the kitchen, but yesterday when I asked her to "please get me some foil" she had NO idea what I was asking for...she didn't know it was called that.

But LK's curiosity helps to make sure that there isn't much she hasn't been exposed to.  I thought D asked a lot of questions...until LK came home.

She is always asking questions...always ready to laugh...always ready to make someone else laugh.

(These next two pictures are blurry - I won't rat out the child who took them - but I love them anyway.)

Our family is so much richer, more full of laughter and fun...and love...because our LK is here with us.

We are blessed to be your parents, Lily Kay....happy adoption day, baby girl!

(To read about the very eventful day we met Lily Kay click HERE.)

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  1. Ohhhhh, happy Day LK! We love you, sweet girl! Hope you all are feeling great and enjoying the week! Much love!



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