Our Newest Obsession

A Family That Plays Together, Stays Together.

That's our motto anyway...and we're sticking to it.

Whether it is playing Four Square (we just finished a rousing game a few minutes ago, actually), or playing cards or board games...we love playing games together.  As the children are getting older (sniff), the games we play are changing.

When Lily Kay and I were at the store several weeks ago, they had a shelf of games on great sale.  They had Monopoly for $5.

All pictures in this post are courtesy of one Daniel Crockett

My children have never played before.  Jas and I haven't played for years.

Ummm...let's just say, the children **love** this game.  And Jas and I are having a great time playing it with them.

Remember I said we bought it the day before Thanksgiving?  Well, we actually played it for the first time on Thanksgiving day.  Gabriel had just gone down for his nap and we said - actually aloud - "We'll play for 20 minutes, and then just stop..."  Famous last words.  Well, two and a half hours later - we finally pulled ourselves away...and were almost late to our extended family's Thanksgiving get-together!

I love how it is great at reinforcing math skills.  The children are also learning about the evils of debt, how to bargain...and how to "do mercy on each other" (Noah's words).

We know that we can't play while Mr. G is awake - we haven't even tried because there is just no way. I figure this is actually a good thing, though, because it helps put some limits on our new obsession.

Since we are such a game-loving family, this post on the homeschooling section of The Pioneer Woman's website really piqued my interest.  The comments after the post are full of great ideas.  And that also led me to this great post with even more great game ideas.

But shhhhhh...our kiddos may or may not be getting some of these games for Christmas!

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  1. Girl, just wait... it get's addicting :) I feel like we own most of Milton-Bradley. One year for Christmas Blake actually got 5 different games (from us and family). Our favorite "quick" game is now Rummy (played with simply a deck of cards). I also have a deck in the car in case we are off somewhere and need to fill time. Let the games begin!!



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