A.K.A. Josefina

I could have titled this post "Shopping with the Lord."

Elisabeth was invited to a friend's birthday party.  She was excited.  The guests were supposed to come dressed as a favorite character.  She was really excited!

After thinking and deliberating, Elisabeth decided she wanted to be the American Girl, Josefina:

Along with Elisabeth's long dark hair, we had a few other things already going for us:  she owned a white top already, and I had a beautiful shawl that my dear friend Kris brought me from Equador.

Now what to do about a skirt and belt???

Later that exact same night E decided to be Josefina, I headed to run some errands BY MYSELF. (I'm going to be dramatic about that, because it doesn't happen very often)  As I was driving in a neighboring town, I drove past the Goodwill store that opened last year.  I distinctly felt the Lord impress on me to turn around...that I would find what I needed in the store.  

So I whipped the Silver Bullet around... expectant.  I began by looking in the kids' section.  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  Wha?  I was perplexed, as I had been sure I would find something.

But in the women's section?  Score!  Not only was there a perfect, wide brown belt....but also a long red skirt, complete with a small dark print, just like Josefina's!

Wow...did He ever show out!

The skirt, having been in the women's section, started out too big...size 12 to be exact.  But E and I sewed a couple of darts up the back quick...

....and she was ready to go.  

Down to the gold earrings and cross necklace (that she borrowed from me) like Josefina wore.

And did Elisabeth enjoy her costume?  And the party?

Ummmmm....yes.  "I cannot EXPRESS how much fun I had!"  she told me after I picked her up.  

Left to right: Mary Ingalls, Saige (another American Girl), Josefina,
Alice (all the way from Wonderland), and Alice's little cousin, Strawberry Shortcake

This costume and party thing was - in the grand scheme of things - not big.  At all.  But to this little girl - not to mention her mama - it was big.  

Thank you, Lord...for doing immeasurable more than we had hoped or imagined.  


  1. Love Miss E's costume! Sophia is into American Girl books as well, and I am having as much as she is reading them! We had a tea party for her last birthday and served the girls just like a real tea party. It was so much fun! We tried to get our little boys to be waiters, but that didn't last too long! :)



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