Meet our newest addition....

....BeBe Grace.

Although the children have asked for years now, we've never had a dog before.  

When we lived in town it was real easy for Jas and I to say "no" (over and over again)...but now that we live "out", it was real easy for us to say "yes" when a friend was trying to find a home for this sweetie that had wandered up at her house as a puppy.  It also didn't hurt that my friend offered BeBe to us 5 days after our sweet kitty Smoky went missing.  We were in mourning for Smoky (still are) and are glad to have a pet again.

We don't know exactly how old BeBe is.  8 months?  12 months?  Things we do know about BeBe:  She has already been spayed.  She is the sweetest thing. Ever.  And the kiddos are pretty darn happy about their new dog.  

Oh, and the most important thing to know about BeBe?  Throw a ball for her to fetch, (over and over...and over)...and she'll be a happy girl.

And one more thing we've learned?

Store the soccer balls inside, and put BeBe in her kennel when the kids are practicing soccer.  We may have lost a soccer ball or two (or five) in the first two days she was here!

1 comment:

  1. BeBe Grace is beautiful. Can't wait to meet her!!!



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