High Praise

When I see this many grins - that are this big - I usually wonder what my kiddos have been up to.

It was their idea to match this day.

But it was a good thing that everyone was smiling this time.

The reason for all the pearly whites?  This new recipe that I tried for the first time - "Creamy Potato Soup with Sausage and Kale":  

It is on page 85 in my new favorite cookbook.  (But psssssst: the recipe is also on her blog, but there it's called "Italian Potato Soup")

This was the first time I'd made this soup and it got thumbs-up all around.  All. the. way. around.  Not many recipes can boast that.  Thankfully I doubled the recipe, so it lasted us for two meals.

Elisabeth has already requested that I serve it again when we celebrate a special day for her next week.

Even Mr. G liked it...

...and all I had to do to make it "Mr. G acceptable" (since he's still dairy-free) was scoop his portion out of the pot before I added the dairy ingredients it calls for right at the end.

Here are some words of praise (that I do not want to forget) right out of the mouths of babes:

LK: "You're the best infinity, infinity baker gull (girl)!"

Daniel: "That is yummy, even if it has that salad stuff in it!"

LK: "That was yummy and you should make it infinity more."

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