Our New Kitchen Counter...a.k.a. My New Toy

I mentioned previously that Jas wants to get new kitchen counters. I didn't care much one way or the other...BUT, with taking down part of the wall like we did, we do have to get some new counter to cover that new, higher level of counter.

So, we've been working on this and getting quotes. And then re-adjusting our plans, and getting new quotes. This has been going on for weeks. But I think we really were ready to place an order...and then...

Our mower broke.

Stopped. Dead. Irrevocably gone. It lived a good, long, productive life. But its time had passed.

We are rapidly approaching the end of the money we allotted to do work here at the new house and at the old house. And we don't do debt (well, except our mortgage). Dang.

SO...no new counters for us. Yet. Counters will have to wait. (Christmas bonus?) In the meantime, Jas is going to cut me a nice piece of plywood or MDF to cover that space where a new higher counter should be, until its finally time to order some new counters.

I like to mow the grass. Love it, actually. There is something so rewarding about seeing the immediate results of your efforts. (I do not see immediate results most of the time from my day "job.") And, it just makes more sense to me for me to do something that I can do, so that Jas doesn't have to do that after he gets home from his day job.

So while I was a little bummed about not getting new counters yet, it didn't take me long to recover because we were getting a new mower!

Jas and I had fun looking and talking, and planning and comparing. And my new toy was delivered yesterday afternoon!

We all fought over it. I mowed for about 2 hours and then the kids finally talked me into letting them ride on it. I let them go to town (blades not running) on the part of the front yard I'd already completed. They each did a great job! I actually was very surprised that they could reach the pedals. They could! Well, except LK isn't really quite tall enough and the mower keeps shutting off automatically when she comes up off the seat (love that safety feature!).

And then they wanted to actually cut some of the front side yard that still needed cutting. After seeing how they'd been doing, I felt comfortable letting them do that.

And again, they did great!

I think I might have just worked myself out of part of my lawn care responsibilities...which I'm actually not totally excited about.  

Their technique still leaves a little to be desired.

But with some more practice and more coaching, I know they'll have it down soon.

And with 2.5 acres to try to keep under control...

...I guess I really should be thankful for all the help I can get!

Daniel would really love to be able to help and he had what he thought was a fabulous idea, "Can't you get just **one** more?"

Great idea, right?  Ummm....no.

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  1. Very cool! One of my 14-year olds would like us to get a riding mower for our Maine camp so he could mow up there. Maybe we should!!

    And the plywood counters are kind of nice, we have them on 1/2 our camp counters (after some other remodeling is finished we'll get to the counters). The kids can cook, bake & craft all they want, and can't ruin the counters:) Just need to watch for splinters, haha.



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