On My Nightstand Right Now

My love for reading is very well documented.  And while I continue reading voraciously, my subject matter has changed of late.

I feel like I am forever researching and learning new things.  I love it, and my head is always swimming with new ideas and trying to assimilate the new things I'm taking in.

Everytime there is a new stage or venture in our lives, it launches me into new rounds of research.

New house in the country?  Gotta learn about chickens and goats, among other things.

Gabriel is eating more and more solids all the time?  I'm on a never-ending quest to make sure I'm nourishing my family the way I should.

I would love to keep a nice, neat looking bedside table.  Alas, every time I empty it...it (not-so) slowly, but surely, fills back up.

When I stopped and looked the other day at the particular combination that is on my bedside table right now, I couldn't help but smile...very, ummm...diverse.

The Apologetics Study Bible - this is on the top of the stack, and it is by far the thickest book in the stack.  (My old bible literally fell apart at the seams.  It was the bible I bought when I first became a Christian at 26. I should have retired it earlier, but had a very hard time parting with it.)  When I finally came to terms with it being time to own a new bible, I was excited when I found this one, and this is what I asked Jas to give me for Christmas.

Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats - our beloved chiropractor, Dr. Kathy, surprised me with this when we went to see her last week.  She is so thoughtful and giving...and I'm super excited to dig into it to start learning how we are supposed to do this dairy goat thing!

Undaunted - this is what we've been going through in my weekly bible study.  We're watching the video and going through this Study Guide, but there is a book by the same name that I hear is very good.  This woman has an amazing God-story, and hits you with some challenging stuff.

Virgin Coconut Oil - I recently started buying our coconut oil from Tropical Traditions (when it is on sale AND they have free shipping...which they do pretty often) and they sent me this book for free when I placed my first order.  Interesting stuff.

The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care - the cookbook/tome Nourishing Traditions turned my food world upside down about 5 years ago...or I should say: it turned it right side up!  When I found out recently that the author had just completed this book on baby and child care, I pre-ordered it. I've just started going through it - I'm still in the introduction - and already I can tell it is every bit as meaty and challenging as Nourishing Traditions.

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