Burning Questions

I have a couple of burning questions..and I sure would appreciate a little help, please.

In this picture I posted of our new kitchen, you can see our gas stovetop on the right side:

I have never had a gas stove, and I am excited at the prospect.  But I am very confused about something.  The two things hanging above the stove.  Racks???

Here is a closer view of them:

And they are hinged, and they flip up...like this:

What are these???


Through another member of our healthy foods co-op, we have just become aware of a (relatively close) source for grassfed beef.  We are interested in buying some (1/4 of a cow?), but it will be most cost effective to buy a whole cow at one time, so we're trying to see if anyone (or 3 other "anyones") we know is interested in going in together.  

If you would be interested in more details, just let me know!


  1. I have no idea on the racks! lol
    On the beef~we have done this befoe. Email me and let me know what cuts, how many pds and price, k?

  2. Ou, ou, ou! (Picture me jumping up and down!) Let me know the detail on the beef. I think we are interested! And my former restaurant cook hubby (in college) says he guesses the racks are for sauces, etc. that you need to take off the burner, but keep warm. So excited to see you cooking in that new kitchen!!

    Happy Sabbath!



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