In Front of the Tree - 2012

Every year we sit the children down and get an official "In front of the Christmas Tree" shot. (Like in this post last year.)  So, a few nights ago we gathered the children to attempt this year's picture.

Ummmm, it was a little more interesting this year than it has been the past few years.  Whaddya know?  10-month olds don't always cooperate!

To be fair, I ended up with a couple of shots that I was actually very pleased with, like this one...

...and this one:

Although, I really could do without seeing the bottoms of dirty socks.  Sheeesh...who is in charge of these children???


The path to those two good shots was a little bumpy at times.

Turns out, the minute Daniel put on his hat, Mr. G became a "Man on a Mission".

He was simply bound and determined that he was going to get that hat!

As you can see, Daniel handled it well.

But once Gabriel did get the hat off Daniel, and Noah put it on him...

....he didn't like that either.

Sooooo....that left us with the original two shots I posted at the top...

...where Gabriel is holding said hat...

...and then finally, where Noah was smart enough to just plain hide the offending hat.

See the hat tucked under Noah's right leg???  Noah to the rescue!

Was all of that too much information?

Yeah, I should have just cropped the pic (to hide dirty socks), slapped it into a post, and called it a day.

But that wouldn't have been any fun.  And it also may have given the very erroneous idea that things are always "picture perfect" and smooth around here.  HA!  Ummm...not exactly...



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