Memory Card Dump

We strive to keep our life balanced, meaning not lots of rushing around and having every minute scheduled...not having too much on our calendars.  We have not done well at this the past couple of months.  Between Jason's work schedule and the kiddos' soccer schedule...it feels like we have been running non-stop.  Things are about to slow down, for which Jas and I are both very thankful.  And we intend to keep it that way.  (Famous last words?)

I have not had time to post all that we've been doing the past couple of months, and my camera memory card is about to explode...so I thought I'd just stop and do a cleansing purge.

We've been studying early American history this year in school...and one day the children made tricorn hats...that they then wore for hours.

And then....just a few days later we went to a (relatively) near-by annual festival and some of the participants had on real tricorn hats.  Cool.

Among many other neat activities at the festival, the kiddos got to paint a reef ball:

We got to visit with our dear friends, the S Family again.

And again...we never got a good picture of all 9 kiddos.  We just need to get together real soon and try again, right Melissa?

Our little town had it's homecoming parade, which the kiddos l.o.v.e.

This was Gabriel's first parade.  He said he enjoyed himself.

I so wish I had done marching band in high school....even though it was not cool at my school.  I love watching bands perform.

And while the kiddos enjoy the band...they love the candy that is thrown their way even more.

I've recently been crocheting more...totally inspired by my bud, Sabrina.  (I need to write a whole post about this...and her!)

Above is a beanie with a flower that I made.  Can you see it good?

Now can you see it good?

Yes, that is Daniel's snake acting as our model...D thought that would be hilarious.

We helped our new buddy Israel celebrate his birthday.  Israel is on D and LK's soccer team, and we have become fast friends with his whole family.

Israel is the tall, smiley one child next to Daniel

I stealthily took the picture below from the front porch at Israel's birthday party.  It cracks. me. up.

Most of the time in a group, Elisabeth is (or tries to be) large and in-charge.  Here, all the other children are willingly listening to her and following along with some game/activity that she made up.

Israel's older sister, Ma Ki-ya, is the sweetest thing.  And she loves Gabriel...and Gabriel loves her.

And then our homeschool group went to a Pumpkin patch/Corn Maze farm.

There are lots of fun activities at this farm...

...and we had so much fun with our friends.

And I love my friends who sometimes just snatch my camera and snap away, so that the phantom mom can also be in some of the family's pictures.

I really don't even know who took this picture that was on my camera of me and G.

My cup runneth over.


  1. LOVE all these great photos and updates! And YES!! WHEN can we get our broods together?! I need a Joli fix! ; )

  2. Enjoyed the "dump"! And thanks for the mention...you did a fabulous job on the beanie, by the way!!



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